Jamie McMillan

Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Journeyman Ironworker & Skilled Trades Advocate

Jamie McMillan


For over 10 years Jamie has been empowering thousands of students, workers and employers to recognize the hidden value in their differences and “how to smile in the face of adversity” through her company KickAssCareers.


Dozens of notable unions and organizations look to Jamie as an advocate, board member, speaker and trainer to help unearth costly mistakes being made “on the ground level, out of the corporate eye” so they can correct the problem before it gets worse. Companies are learning how to save millions of dollars by addressing uncomfortable truths and modifying workplace standards that have traditionally led to high turn-over, incident-rates and costly mistakes made by under-experienced workforces.


Jamie is on a mission to help reframe what it means to be “an underdog” or marginalized member of the workforce. Her bold speaking efforts to bridge the gap between employers, unions, schools and “boots on the ground” workplace experiences have helped transform the trades industry and school systems across North America, for the better.


Themes & Topics

industry innovation

recruitment efforts

retentions strategies

access to the trades

jobsite safety and practices

career pathways for youth

confidence and self-esteem

overcoming adversity

perception of females, at-risk and marginalized groups.